Edie Gibson is a charismatic,
knowledge-wealthy trainer with a mission and passion to affect change!


One Nation Overdosed: Unmasking the Opioid Epidemic

One pill can kill, one pill can cause addiction. Opioid abuse is destroying lives, devastating families and communities across the country. This program will unmask the opioid epidemic and empower teams to "see things differently!"

Generation RX: Uppers, Downers, All Arounders

This program will uncover the mysteries of the most common drugs of abuse. Edie will share, with brutal honesty, her own stories of living with addicts.

Stop The Peri-Go-Round: Where Clinical Excellence and Patient Engagement Come Together!

Is your team STUCK in the STUCKness of disengaged patients? Turning a “no” into a YES involves passion, integrity and unwavering confidence in your dentistry! This trio of traits will lead to improved patient engagement and help stop the dreaded “peri-go-round.

A comprehensive understanding of signs, symptoms, and etiology of peri-implant complications, along with the most current, evidence-based maintenance and regenerative protocols, will be discussed.

Smoking Out the REAL Truth! Vaping and Cannabis in

Today's World

With vaping an escalating trend, especially in our youth, and marijuana now legal in many states, a shifting paradigm of drug use is evolving. New studies have shed light on the danger of vaping chemicals while uncovering the potential health benefits of cannabis!

Rockstar Hygiene! Dental Implants and Beyond!

Demystifying Implant Maintenance

(3 hours)

Stop the Peri-Go-Round: Where Patient Education and Clinical Excellence Connect (3 hours)

I believe in Ubuntu: 

"I am because we are.

We are therefore I am"



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"Edie is pure joy to listen to with her vast knowledge and experience as a dental professional. She engages her audiences with science-based information and a wicked wit that naturally puts people at ease. She prepares for her presentations with research and is always on a quest for more knowledge. She is an expert at delivery of her programs, always engaging and encourages audience participation. Edie has spoken for our group and my company numerous times over the years and always receives rave reviews! Excited to have her return soon."

—  Linda Meeuwenberg, RDH, MA, MA

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Edie Gibson's "Make it a Great Day" program has teamed up with Gunnison Valley Health and the Wellbeing Connection to provide breast cancer patients complimentary access to a ranfe of different Integrative Therapy treatments that can help boost the immune systen and reduce pain.

Hypnotherapy - Manage anxiety, body image and other emotional side effects.

Massage - Studies have shown relief of pain and fatigue during treatment.

Nutrition / Eating Support - Focuses on nutrition to support individual needs.

Acupuncture - Relief of hot flashes, nausea and vomiting.

Ortho-Bionomy - May help to relieve headaches, muscle and joint pain.

Reiki /  Healing Touch - Focuses on soothing and clearing unnecessary stress in the subtle energy field. 



Great Day!"

~Edie Gibson